A Case a Day

I was always completely obsessed with everything murder, true crime, anything. I have distinct memories of me as a child, sitting in my bedroom clipping the obituaries out of the newspaper. When I was around twelve, I delved deeper into child murders - reading about kids who's lives ended so quickly, kids that were the same age and younger than I was.

I read about every murder I could find, from unsolved disappearances, murders where the killers are behind bars, children who disappeared into the night with not  a trace left behind. I read about the disappearance of Adam Walsh, who's murder sparked the Code Adam. I read of Amber Hagerman, the girl that is the reason why the Amber Alert exists today, I read about the famous killers - BTK, Ted Bundy (who my cat is named after), Dennis Raider, Jack the Ripper - but also the lesser known ones, such as the man who killed his girlfriend, used her skull as a bowl and made soup from her brain.

However most recently, it was the murder of a girl I vaguely knew; the killer being the father of a kid my younger brother hung out with. Our city isn't that large, and it seemed that everywhere I went there was a reminder of some sorts of this murder. What made this murder even more special to me is the fact that I figured out the man had killed at least once before, before the police did. My best friend and I are currently working towards getting our Private Investigator licenses so we can work towards proving that this man killed a third woman.

A Case a Day is inspired by these three women who's lives were taken far too soon; their murders unsolved for ten and twenty years - there are more families out there, just like them, waiting for the day that some little piece of information comes and tells them where their daughter, their husband, their mother disappeared to one day. Who knows, maybe you have that information?